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      Punjabi Wedding Accessories – To make your BIG day Memorable


      A Punjabi wedding is an elaborate occasion, like any other traditional marriage ceremony. Especially, the observation of events is more spread out in a Punjabi marriage, enhancing the fun and togetherness. There are many rituals that Punjabi families follow in their marriages. These begin with inviting the guests with a box of sweets, symbolizing the exchange of good wishes.

      Before the wedding day, rituals like Roka, Thaka, Sagai, Shagun, Sangeet, and Mehendi occur. These days, there are numerous Punjabi wedding accessories involved. For instance, in Shagun, the ladies bring her sagai dress with a box of sweets and dry fruits to the bride's house. These boxes are decorated beautifully with colors, marking the vibrant beginning of the bride's new life.

      The night before the wedding day is the occasion for Jago, which also requires accessories like chaj, Jago pots, Jago sticks, etc. Furthermore, the bride’s attire consists of some wedding ceremony accessories like potli which she carries with her lehenga, gana bracelets for Sangeet, etc.

      At Pink Phulkari, you will find the best quality and a superb collection of accessories required for a Punjabi wedding. The assortment at our store includes, colorful and traditional gana bracelets, sagan thalis, pakhi hand fans, mithai boxes for shagun, and surmedanis for décor. Please visit our platform for a one-stop-shop for all the required Punjabi wedding accessories.


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