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      18 products

      Vintage Phulkari Wedding Shawl from Punjab, India, Early 20th Century. Original Hand work Bagh sourced From Villages of Punjab India that was used for gifting in marriage purposes and decorative purpose.

      Antique/vintage phulkari hand embroiderd cotton fabric/dupatta. Punjab is known for its Phulkari. The embroidery is done with floss silk thread on coarse hand woven cotton fabric (khaddar). Phulkari and Baaghs were worn by women all over Punjab during marriage festivals and other joyous occasions. These were embroidered by the women for their own use and use of other family members and were not for sale in the market. Thus, it was purely a domestic art which not only satisfied their inner urge for creation but brought color into day-to-day life. In a way, it was true folk art. Custom had grown to give Phulkaris and Baaghs to brides at the time of marriages.

      The embroidery work was made on a plain cotton fabric khaddar whose thread was manually spun, loomed and dyed with natural pigments, which would be joined either before or after the embroidery to form desired designs. Khaddar could be of various colors, but the most popular was red (red being auspicious), and it was considered as a color for youth whereas white was used by mature women or widows. These are vintage items and old embroidery approx. 100 years old