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      Shararas- Royalty Unlimited

      Shararas are a preference of many women in various parts of India. It was introduced in the nation after the Mughal era began. The royal ladies wore this three-piece outfit and increased the popularity of this attire. Eventually, a Sharara was a much-discussed favorite garment in India and Pakistan. Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, the Bollywood actresses brought a surge in their usage. Thus, this bottom wear became more popular among the common women also. Nowadays, women of all ages look for Sharara Online to complete their collections.

      The distinctive feature of shararas is that it has a joint at or below the knee area, followed by heavy pleats. As a result, this segment looks like an umbrella and touches the floor. It is the reason this bottom wear is also called farshi, where farsh means floor. The Sharara fabric is silk, cotton, or georgette. The embroidered generally has heavy and intricate detailing, especially before the flaring.  These embellishments may consist of stonework, sequins, beads, zari, etc.

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