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      Jaago night is a fun-filled event that occurs at a Punjabi wedding. On this night, the maternal families, locally called Nankai, come to the would-be bride and groom’s home with enthusiasm and a festive mood. The aunt of the bride and groom places decorated Jago pots on her head and dances. Besides the pot, there are other Jago accessories that family members gleefully use. These include beating Jago sticks on the floor, banging the Jago chaj, etc.

      The history of a Jago night dates back many years to when there was no postage system for invitations. Relatives of the would-be couple went around the village on the night before the wedding day. As this era belonged to the pre-electricity period, they carried pots adorned with candles to suffice for light. The family members sang songs and asked the villagers to Jago, meaning to wake up and join the occasion.

      People still observe the Jago night today as an opportunity for merry-making. The Jago pots available are well decorated with colored patterns and LED lights. The Jago stick is made with sturdy materials to create the effect it is meant for. Moreover, the Jagochaj is a beautifully decorated item to add to the festivity.

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