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      18 products

      Punjabi Juttis – Your Ultimate choice for a Desi Girl look

      Punjabi juttis have a historical origin, and they symbolize royalty. The kings and queens of the northern part of India used to wear this footwear, consisting of real gold and silver. In today’s times, these shoes are an asset for fashion enthusiasts. Also, it is very comfortable to carry these shoes as they are flat and generally do not differentiate between left and right feet.

      There are many designs that you can find for a Punjabi jutti online. Generally, these are made of leather topped with hand embroidery. However, you may even find rubber soles in some stores. The patterns on a Punjabi jutti are also widespread. These include mirror work, pearls, phulkari, gota patti, etc. One may also select a plain leather Punjabi jutti to match particular attire.

      The designs on a Punjabi jutti are stitched by hand and indicate the painstaking efforts of the makers. These shoes often have intricate detailing. Simultaneously, the users feel utmost comfort wearing Punjabi juttis due to their shape.

      Pink Phulkari is the ultimate destination to buy Punjabi jutti online as it uses high-quality materials for these shoes. Our store has an extensive collection of Punjabi juttis delicately stitched by hand. Furthermore, the juttis at our store have inner padding to provide extra comfort. You can visit our platform to check the magnificent and unique designs of Punjabi juttis.

       Shop online Punjabi Jutti  flat shoes are exquisitely hand stitched with the finest materials and padded inner side of the sole for extra comfort. Hand embroidered available in many colors and designs.