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      Shawls are clothing items that ladies loosely wear over their shoulders and arms. Based on UNESCO research in 2014, Ali Hamadani, a scholar from Iran, first introduced shawl-making. He made it from the local goat’s wool in Kashmir in the 14th century.

      The common types of shawls with their unique features are:

      • Kashmiri – These are lightweight, warm, and characterized by butta patterns. A velvet dupatta shawl can be of the Kashmiri type. They are made from the wool of cashmere goats or Tibetan antelopes.
      • Pashmina – The Pashmina fabric is a variant of cashmere wool that is softer and lighter. These shawls have floral or Phulkari
      • Kullu – These are marked by geometric patterns and made from the local sheep’s wool.
      • Naga – Geometric shapes of red and black colors symbolize this type of shawl.
      • Knit –These are typically triangular and are knitted from wool.
      • Stole – These are shawls but with narrower shapes.

      Initially, shawls were weaved by hand, taking a long time to create one piece. Wool from the goats of Tibet, Ladakh, and Nepal was then, brought to Kashmir. Here, the shawl weaving industries conducted the tasks of separation by color, spinning into yarn, and weaving Phulkari on looms.

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