Jaago Night Traditional Punjabi Wedding Ceremony

Punjabi Wedding Jago night is a celebration initiated by the nankai of bride and groom (maternal families). The nankai arrive at the wedding home of the bride/groom with much fan fare including signing and dancing. The aunt of the bride and groom takes an decorated Jago pot filled with candles/lights, places it on her head and dances. The pot is further passed on to other merrymakers as well.

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Jaago literally means “wake-up”. Centuries ago, invitations were not sent to invite people to weddings. Relatives of the bride or groom would go around the village on the night before the wedding day with pots on their head that were decorated with oil candles, singing and dancing as an open invitation to attend the wedding. The candles were used for light as this is before electricity was established! The traditional folk song is “jaago”, so they would encourage people to wake-up and join in the festivities.

Nowadays, Jaago nights are considered an opportunity to be creative. The bride or grooms family, friends and relatives will often dress up in traditional Punjabi clothing or comical outfits. Traditional Punjabi Lehenga buy now on our website www.pinkphulkari.com

The purpose of the night is to have fun and party, so not only will jaago's be carried (pots decorated with lights), decorated sticks (jaago sticks) will be banged on the floor and even a chaj would be banged (see pictures below). The maternal and paternal families will often sing mischievous folk songs to each other.

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