Get All Traditional Punjabi Wedding Accessories Required for Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi weddings are all about the pomp and show, the glitter and glam, the sophistication and style, and undoubtedly the traditions and trends. Similar to other traditional weddings, Punjabi weddings also follow several practices. While the dress styles might change, choices might be different; certain traditional wedding accessories remain a part of every Punjabi wedding.

Traditional Punjabi Wedding Accessories Worn by Women

Here are six traditional Punjabi wedding accessories that are a part of a Punjabi wedding.


It is a wedding accessory attached to the chooda or the red bridal bangles. These dangling Punjabi accessories are necessary to wear by every Punjabi bride. They come from the maternal house of the bride, along with the bridal bangles. The bride’s family holds a ritual to attach the kaleere with the bangles. These can be long and dangling or smaller, depending on the personal choice.


The chooda is another vital part of traditional Punjabi wedding accessories. They are traditionally red and gold bangles that adorn a Punjabi bride. Like the kaleere, the choodas also come from the bride's maternal house. The maternal uncles arrange a traditional ceremony and the aunts put these on the bride's hands. Then, the aunts wrap the choodas, and the bride cannot see them until the next day. Today, fashion-conscious brides opt for colored choodas to match their bridal outfits. The bride wears the chooda for a minimum of three months, while some prefer wearing them for a year or even more.

The Tikka

The tikka consists of beads, colored stones, polki, and other precious and semi-precious stones. The size and design vary according to individual choice. However, the tikka is another necessary Punjabi wedding accessory that adorns a Punjabi bride.


The nose ring looks elegant and beautiful. This ring can be large or small, with a chain going up to the top of the ear. Like the tikka, the nath comes in varied sizes, designs, and materials.


Juttis are flat footwear and possibly the most traditionally worn Punjabi wedding accessories. Usually, juttis are made from leather, adorned with threadwork, beadwork and ghungroos- the possibilities are endless.


Salwar kameez forms the traditional Punjabi wedding attire; however, many brides also opt for lehenga cholis and sarees. Irrespective of the attire, a dupatta is a necessity. They can have threadwork, gota work, shimmer, and other ornamental additions.